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I've tried to list links where there is (1) a picture, and (2) a schematic. Some of the pages are in other languages, particularly German. Where I don't want to slog through in a half-understood language, I use Google's translation page. Try it; it opens new worlds. (Version 1.0.3, September 8, 2007)
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Ham Receiver

#ProjectCommentsSub-type# partsTubes used
1My 40mtr Valve Receiver ProjectNo schematic, but the pictures and article are worth the visit.-30.0[-]
2THE PHOENIX RECEIVERNo schematic, but the pictures and article are worth the visit.-50.0[-]
3Kurzwellen-Empfänger für den gesamten Amateurbereich, mit einer Röhre ECL 113In German. Ham receiver.[-]23.0ECL113
4Classic Receiver 1930's Style[In Dutch] Schematic Only.1-V-245.0EF85, ECC81 (2), EL84
5Improved Reinartz Tuner from 1922 QSTFrom the days when Regeneratives were not just toysAutodyne10.0201
6A THREE TUBE HYBRID AUTODYNEHe has it set up for 40/20 meters.Autodyne29.06J7,6C5,6SN7(2)
7Simple Homemade CohererI would have thought this would be harder to make work. This page also has a Spark Coil Transmitter and a Barbecue Lighter Transmitter.Coherer2.0[-]
8Coherer DetectorNice workmanship. No Schematic.Coherer4.0[-]
9Tiny Coherer Receiver[From German]. 1/2 way down page, section beginning "Funkempfanger/Kohaerer".Coherer Receiver2.0[-]
10Ham 80-20 Converter to 160Translated from the Japanese. Converts 3.5M-14M to 1.8M. Scroll to the right. Schematic is blurry.Converter48.06EH7,6EJ7,6BX6(2)
11Full Wave Bridge AM DetectorPDF File. Probably more of interest for the discussion than for actually building the project.Detector15.05814A
121933 - 2 Valve - 80 Meter Amateur Band ReceiverNo schematic, but interesting constructionDirect Conversion12.030(2)
1312BH7-single-Direct conversion receiverRather nice looking.Direct Conversion15.012BH7
1412BH7A two vacuum tube direct conversion radio12 Volts on the plate. 7 MHz. 22dB gain - bring a big antenna.Direct Conversion15.012BH7 (2)
15The G4OO Homebrew ReceiverThere's a transmitter here, too.Direct Conversion18.06BE6
16Leistungsfähiger Zweikreisempfänger mit drei WellenbereichenIn German. Multiband, two-stage.Direct Conversion42.0EF93, EF94, EL90
17Infinite Impedance DetectorWith hints for newcomersImpedance Meter6.06AU6
18Negadyne ReceiverScroll down just past section 21-14Negadyne20.0RV2P800
19Meissner Midget Receiver1, 2 and 3-tube regenerative forms at this siteRegenerative8.01C5G
2012-Volt Homebrew RegenSimple design and constructionRegenerative9.012BA6
21A Simple One Tube RegenerativeFrom June 1938 QSTRegenerative10.06F8G
22Recevier by 8BN, 1920's[from French]. Not sure if I understand this page.Regenerative10.010 (2)
23A little one tube regen with low B+"Based on MRL’s 1-Tube DC All-Wave Receiver, HB-4"; Very simple, and all there. 18V on the plate.Regenerative10.01Q5
24Low-voltage 2-tube regen RXSchematic for simple two-tune regenerative running on VERY low power (3 volts on the plate?!!)Regenerative10.06C6 (2)
25A "Revised" Mid-1920s Era ReceiverFrom the ARRL.Regenerative10.0201A(2)
26MW Regenerative ReceiverVery simple.Regenerative10.012DZ9
27#30 Regenerative ReceiverMid-1920's schematic and layoutRegenerative12.030 (2)
281-tube regenerative radioA lot of room for modifications here.Regenerative12.06E5
2917EW8 Regenerative ReceiverJF1OZL again. Tiny. Classical, poignant writeup.Regenerative12.017EW8
30The "Pentaflex" Regenerative ReceiverNice and basic arrangement.Regenerative13.06A7
31Detector with Tickler RegenerationSchematic and chalk drawing.Regenerative14.0Detector
32Three-Tube RegenerativeSchematic only. From KW7WT.Regenerative15.032, 30(2)
331928 Regen Detector + One Step Audio160 - 20 meter ham bands with plug-in coilsRegenerative15.001 (2)
34A regenerative receiver with 6SN7GTBased on 1950 ARRL Handbook design.Regenerative15.06SN7GT
35A 1930 Screen Grid RegenWith a screen grid detectorRegenerative15.024
36Homebrew "SUPER" Regenerative "COMPACT" VHF ReceiverI like the very full explanations on the schematicRegenerative16.012AT7
37Miniature audion 0-V-2 for MW with three Raytheon miniature tubes January 6088[from German] VERY small. Uses SMD's and subminiature tubesRegenerative17.06088(3)
38A one tube regenerative receiverFrom 1950 ARRL HandbookRegenerative17.06SN7
3940 Meter Regenerative Receiver[In Spanish]. Schematic only. For a photo, click the link at the bottom of the page and slect Foto for this project.Regenerative17.030 (2)
40battery powered regenerative receiver using three type 30 triodesCoils for 160, 80 and 40Regenerative20.030 (3)
4112AT7 1-tube All-Bander Regen ReceiverGood detail on contruction methods, etc.Regenerative20.012AT7
42Ocean Hopper SW Regen ReceiverWith period (1930's) ads and articlesRegenerative20.06C4, 6AQ5
432-tube receiverLooks like it might be from the ARRL handbook. 1956.Regenerative22.06AQ5(2)
44Twin double-triode regenerative 80m receiverAgain, no schematic, but it shouldn't be too hard to guess at the general outlines from the description.Regenerative24.06SN7GT
45One-tube regenerative receiverFrom 1957 ARRL Handbook (page 113)Regenerative24.06U8 (2)
46VE3CFE Regenerative ReceiverFirst project on page. Excellent parts and presentation of the finished product. Looks like mid-1920sRegenerative24.0201A (3), 222
473-Tube regeneryne receiverRF converter followed by a tunable regenerative detectorRegenerative25.06J7, 6C5, 6SN7
48two tube regenerative receiver using 6SN7 tubesMost of the parts count is resistors and capacitorsRegenerative27.06SN7 (2)
49Gary's Second Regenerodyne, the "Eavesdropper"Variant on WD4NKA's Regenerodyne (which see for the schematic)Regenerative29.06J7, 6C5, 6SN7 (2)
50Forty meter (7.0 MHz) Regenerodyne receiverMore based on WD4NKA's approach.Regenerative29.06J7, 6C5, 6SN7 (2)
51Jo's RegenerodyneVariant on WD4NKA's Regenerodyne (which see for the schematic)Regenerative29.06J7, 6C5, 6SN7 (2)
52Gary's original RegenerodyneVariant on WD4NKA's Regenerodyne (which see for the schematic)Regenerative29.06J7, 6C5, 6SN7 (2)
53Ken's Regenerodyne (AA7JC)Variant on WD4NKA's Regenerodyne (which see for the schematic)Regenerative29.06J7, 6C5, 6SN7 (2)
54Scott's RegenerodyneVariant on WD4NKA's Regenerodyne (which see for the schematic)Regenerative29.06J7, 6C5, 6SN7 (2)
55"Ultra Dyne Radio"Translated from the Japanese. Covers 540KHz to 150 MHzRegenerative29.06GH8,6J5,6K6GT
56Tiny radio with 12J1LBased on the low-voltage russian tube. Interesting approach to the power supply, to get it inside a small box.Regenerative32.012J1L (2)
57"Super Jenny" ReceiverLinks to photos and text are on main page http://pages.cthome.net/okmunwurx/. Good tube substitution discussion at http://pages.cthome.net/okmunwurx/superjennie.txtRegenerative34.06BQ7, 6AU8
58Tiny Radio with 12J1LLow voltage on the plate. All band ham receiver. The 12J1L is apparently descneded from the "Wehrmacht-Pentode" RV12P2000.Regenerative34.012J1L(2)
59Novice RS-3Three tube regenerative, from QST 1963Regenerative35.06U8A(2), 6AQ5
6020M Ham ReceiverTranslated from FrenchRegenerative37.06AC7 (2), 6SC7
61Two Tube ReceiverLinks to photos and text are on main page http://pages.cthome.net/okmunwurx/Regenerative37.06GH8, 6JT8
62Dual 6SN7 Dual Triode Regen ProjectVery informative schematic (click link at bottom); I like it when builders include voltages, etc.Regenerative40.06SN7 (2)
63All band ham receiverAuthor says the total parts cost is under 20 Euros.Regenerodyne42.0ECF82(2),ECC83(2)
64KW - Audion mit Niederspannungsröhre EF 98In German. Short-wave receiver using subminiature tube (12V on the plate).Subminiature tubes20.0EF98
652-Tube Superhet from QST, 1941Fairly simple, for a superheterodyneSuperheterodyne18.06K8, 6C8
664 sphere super /No.4Translated from the JapaneseSuperheterodyne25.012AJ7, 12EK6, 12AE6, 12DU7
674-Röhren-Empfänger mit der RV 12 P 2000In German. Quite elaborate.Superheterodyne26.0P2000 (4)
683-Tube Superhet ReceiverFrom Feb. 1941 QSTSuperheterodyne30.06C8G (2), 6K8
697mHz 4 sphere superheterodyneTranslated from the JapaneseSuperheterodyne32.012AD6, 12BL6, 12AU7, 12DQ6A
704 spheres super / European typeTranslated from the JapaneseSuperheterodyne32.06DS8/ECH83, 6ES6/EF97, 6DR8/EBF83, 6ET6/EF98
71Improved 3-tube superhet receiverUpgrade to Feb, 1941 QST designSuperheterodyne35.06C8G, 6J7, 6K8
72A Two-Band Three Tube SuperheterodyneFrom 1957 ARRL Handbook (page 116)Superheterodyne39.06U8, 6BD6, 12AX7
731960s Style 2-Tube SuperhetA staple of the 1950's in the ARRL HandbookSuperheterodyne39.06EA8 (2)
74Construcción de un receptor de HF[in Spanish]. Try Babelfish to translate. You'll have to assemble the pieces on this page to come up with a full rig. Good luck!.Superheterodyne50.0[-]
75A Two-Band Five-Tube SuperheterodyneFrom 1957 ARRL Handbook (page 119)Superheterodyne50.06AC7, 6K8, 6C4, 6SN7, 6SN7
76ST-Tube Two Band Communications ReceiverTranslated from the JapaneseSuperheterodyne55.06D6(3),6WC5(3),6ZP1
77A CIGAR BOX RECEIVER"TRF amplifier, leaky-grid detector, with reaction and audio amplifier". Covers all 5 main ham bands.TRF21.01T4 (3)
78TRF with metal tubesYou really should buy the book (it's available in reproduction)TRF27.06K7, 6J7, 6C5
79TRF Receiver for NoviceFrom the Radio Constructor MagazineTRF34.06K&(2),6V6
80ZL2JJ's Homebrew TRF ReceiverSee page for pictures' solidly built; 80-15 MetersTuned Radio Frequency44.06K7,6J7,6C5(2)
81Ein Variometer-Detektorempfänger mit einer HF-VerstärkerstufeIn German. Homemade variometer for HF Receiver.Variometer-based6.0RE034
822HA5 single radioWell, he went and built a receiver with 1.5 volts on the plateX7.02HA5
8312-volt 1-tube Reflex ReceiverSimple design and constructionX9.012DZ6
841920's Interflex receiverInteresting article with circuit discussionX10.030
85Simple tube regenerative, VK2ZAYExcellent construction pictures and commentaryX12.012DZ6
86Regenerative ReceiversDiscussion of various approaches to regenerative receivers from ARRL HandbookX15.030
87Ein im KZ Buchenwald gebauter KW-EmpfängerIn German. SW Receiver built in BuchenwaldX18.0P2000 (2)
88Wechselstrom-Einkreiser für KW, MW und LWIn German. Multiband coils.X18.0ECL80
89Grimes Duplex ReceiverEconomizes on A-Battery drain by using complex tubes.X21.030 (3)
90Autodyne 0-V-1 RadioWith 3 ST-Type Tubes (41, C6, 12F)X22.041, C6, 12F
91Ein Wobbelsender für Lang-, Mittel- und KurzwellenIn German. Is all that necessary?X22.0ECC81, ECH81
92Einfach nachzubauender Kurzwellen-Empfänger für den Frequenzbereich von 3 - 150 MHzIn German. HF to VHF Receiver. Obviously, attention is paid to fabricating parts.X24.0EF42 (2)
93N2CQR's Mighty Midget Receiver80 and 40 meters. Not sure if I have the right schematic for this one.X25.06GW8
944-Tube Communications ReceiverTranslated from the JapaneseX28.0UZ77,UY76,UZ41
95Induction RadioIn German. Exactly what is an "Induction Radio"?X28.0ECC82
962-Tube Receiver - 12AX7 and 6AQ5Nice looking, basic rig.X30.012AX7, 6AQ5
970-V-2 - Amateurfunk-EmpfängersIn German. Ham Receiver.X32.0ECC 81 (2)
98Dreiröhren-Kleinsuper zum SelberbauenIn German. Plans for 1947 Ham ReceiverX34.0ECH1, CF1, CBL1
991950's nostalgia receiverSchematic links are at the bottom. They look homebrew, also.X36.06SB7Y, 6SN7
100"Simplex Super", a handy little 3 tube receiver for 80/40From QST?X50.06U8A
1015-Tube Communications ReceiverTranslated from the JapaneseX50.06BE6,6BA6,6AV6,6BQ5,12AU7
102EB5AGV's Mighty Midget ReceiverFrom a 1966 QSTX55.06U8 (3)