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I've tried to list links where there is (1) a picture, and (2) a schematic. Some of the pages are in other languages, particularly German. Where I don't want to slog through in a half-understood language, I use Google's translation page. Try it; it opens new worlds. (Version 1.0.3, September 8, 2007)
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Ham Transmitter - AM

#ProjectCommentsSub-type# partsTubes used
16AQ5 AM TransmitterSchematic Only1 - 5 Watts12.06AQ5
2The "Minicaster" AM TransmitterNow here is a construction approach that anyone can follow.1 - 5 Watts13.01A7
3AM ModulatorSchematic Only1 - 5 Watts20.012AU7, 6BA6 (2)
4AM Transmitter Using Horizontal Deflection TubesIn Portugese, from Brazilian manual apparently.1 - 5 Watts45.06CD6, 12AU7, 6AQ5, 6CU6 (2)
5Attempt 79: AM Transmitter[From German]. Author modifies a Radiomann to be an AM Transmitter. ECC82 is a 12AU71 Watt8.0ECC82
6Tube AM Transmitter[From German]. The Radiomann people point out that their receiver can become a transmitter "to the residential area" by increasing the feedback enough.1 Watt8.0EF98
7Adding AM to the DX-20 CWA general strategy onb how to do this with CW transmitters would be a good thing to have.1 Watt9.06SL7
8Modulador PDM de LU8EHA[in Spanish] No schematic. But interesting1 Watt12.0[-]
9Emisor Radiotelefonico (Phone transmitter)[In Spanish]. Short article. For a photo, click the link at the bottom of the page and slect Foto for this project.1 Watt14.06F6G
10AM Transmitter[From Italian]. Seems simple enough.1 Watt15.06SN7, 6SK7
11Low power AM transmitterSchematic Only. Uses a Pentagrid tube.1 Watt16.06AV6, 6CS6
12Phono OscillatorJPG file. Oldradioz magazine. Scheamtic seems backwards. Why?1 Watt17.06F7
13AM TransmitterPDF File. The 10JY8 is a triode-pentode, proof that odd tubes are useful. Try this with a 6BM81 Watt19.010JY8
14Wireless BroadcasterJPG file. Oldradioz magazine1 Watt20.012SC7, 12BE7
15AM Transmitter - 6BM8PDF File. Schematic only.1 Watt20.06BM8
16Variable Crystal Oscillator[In Portugese] From Electronica Popular magazine, 19761 Watt20.06AU6, 12BY7
173-Tube TransmitterSchematic only. From Popular Mechanics 1958. Remember an isolation transformer.1 Watt29.012AX7, 50C5 (2)
18AM Modulator[From German]. Not sure if I'm understanding this right.1 Watt42.0ECC82, ECH84
19515 TransmitterNotice the lack of isolation transformer. Don't electrocute yourself.1 Watts19.012AV6, 50C5 (2)
20N1NKM's Homebrew AM TXBOB = "Bucket 'O Bolts". Actually, true homebrew is when you design around what you have.10 - 100 Watts46.06AC7(2), 12BY7, 6146(2)
21Um Transmissor Economico[In Portugese] From Antenna ("Radio Para Todos") Magazine, Sept. 1949.10 Watts39.012A5, 25L6 (4)
2210 Meter Mobile AM TransmitterHe bought a car because it already had antenna holes drilled in it.10 Watts44.05763, 6SN7, 12AU7, 2E26
23100 Watt AM Modulator[In Spanish]. Schematic only. For a photo, click the link at the bottom of the page and slect Foto for this project.100 Watts28.06AU6, 5600, EL36 (2)
24Transmisor con Modulación[in Spanish] The photos are at http://www.lu8eha.com.ar/pdm/pdm.htm100 Watts50.06DQ6B (2), 807 (2)
25"Cadillac" 250W AM TransmitterRack-mounted, high-end Am transmitter. Don't think my junkbox is up to this one yet. In Spanish.100+ Watts85.012AX7 (2), 12AU7, 807 (2), 811(2), ?
2615 Watt Kortegolfzender[In Dutch]. 48 meter transmitter. Schematic only.15 Watts23.0EL84 (2)
27Norm Leal's 6888 AM TransmitterUses a component oscillator. Link to schematic at bottom of page.1-5 Watts13.06888
28Crystal-Controlled Transmitter with EL84[In Dutch]. 'Dit schema is EXPERIMETEEL'. Schematic Only.1-5 Watts15.0EL84
29Transmitter with 50C5Schematic only2 Watts17.012AV6, 50C5 (2)
30Phono TransmitterIs there a writeup of this somewhere?2 Watts20.06F7
31The Little RigAM Transmitter made from parts found at the dump.20 Watts52.06AK5, 6CX8, 6146, 12AX7, 6EW7
32200 Watt AM Transmitter[In Dutch] Schematic Only.200 Watts35.0EL519 (2), 12AX7, EL84
33Transmisor de 4x4 6DQ6B[In Spanish] Not sure I follow all of this, but it looks like a lot of work.300 Watts50.06DQ6 (4)
34A Home-made "Agent Radio"Uses the broadcast band so that the receiver can be non-noticeable.5 - 10 Watts37.06AG7,2E26,5718,6247
355-Watt AM Transmitter ProjectSchematic only.5 Watt41.06AQ5 (2), 6KE8a (2)
36SBE "FM With AM" TransmitterApparently this mode was/is illegal. I'm not sure of the status.5 Watts13.06DQ6
3710 Watt AM TransmitterSchematic only.5 Watts24.06AQ5, 6BQ5
38BOB Jr (Bucket o Bolts) QRP AM TransmitterBased on a 6BQ5. From N1NKM.5 Watts27.06BJ6, 6AQ5, 6BQ5
39K1ETN 5-Watt AM TransmitterDon't I already have this somewhere?5 Watts33.06AQ5 (4)
40Screen modulated AM transmitterSchematic only, but it has a lot of commentary on it.5 Watts52.06AG7, 6DQ6, 12AX7, 6SN7
41Two 813's Modulating Two 813's RF Deck500 Watts out of the Transmitter500 Watts38.0813 (4)
426 Meter AM TransmitterTranslated from the Japanese. Where to they get these line drawings?6 Meters17.03A5
43Homebrew 6 meter TransmitterNo schematic, but the schematic is identified as from the late-50's - early 60's ARRL Handbook6 Meters35.012AX7,6U8,5881(2),6146
44Transmissor TRZ100 - PY2WYZ[In Portugese] AM Transmitter for 80 and 40 meters70 Watts44.012AX7, 6CG7, 12BY7, 6146
45Home Broadcast TransmitterTransformerless (count of the filaments: 50-50-12)BCB15.012AV6, 50C5(2)
46A 'Part 15' Broadcast Band TransmitterNice breadboard layout.Broadcast Band24.06AK5, 6BE6
47Retro-Cakepan transmitterUses 3 6AQ5's. Nice looking. 160/80 meters AM.HF, 5-10 Watts35.06AQ5 (3)
48Siemans Funksend 25a180M to 80M. Immediate postwar German rig. Translated from the German.HF: 10+ Watts30.0C3e spec
49Muntz AM TransmitterUses a pentagrid converter.HF: 1-5 Watts13.06BE6
50AM Tube Micro TransmitterLot of theoretical, heavy discussion with this one.HF: 1-5 Watts22.06AV6, 6CS6
51"Mid-Quality AM Transmitter"From Fred NachbaurHF: 1-5 Watts23.06AU6, 6BE6
52"Gypsy" Tunable LP AM TransmitterUses a pentagrid converter.HF: 1-5 Watts30.012AU6(2), 12BE6
53"High Quality" AM TransmitterSays he gets 10 milliwatts output to ferrite core antenna.HF: 1-5 Watts35.012AT7(2),12BE6, 12AU6
54Klaas Robers' 10 watt, 29 MHz all tube NBTV transmitterSurprised to see it done at all.NBTV50.0ECC81(2),EL83,EL84,
55Negative Resistance AM Broadcast band OscillatorConstruction technique is "Alligator Clip City"Non-Traditional5.0[-]
56Iron Pyrites Negative Resistance OscillatorLends new meaning to the term "rock-bound transmitter"Non-Traditional5.0[-]
57Negative Resistance Oscillator with Homemade Tunnel DiodeAgain, is there a way to make a ham band-legal version of this?Non-Traditional5.0[-]
58Funken-Induktor nach MarconiIn German. Marconi Radio Inductor (Spark Gap Transmitter).Spark Gap3.0[-]
59Transmisor Personal de AMIn Spanish.X13.06AV^, 6AQ6
60A one tube AM transmitterModeled on the Lil'7X13.06L6
612-tube AM transmitterYou wonder if that little thing really works.X14.06J5, 6AS7
62Home AM TransmitterFrom Popular Electronicsx15.01U4,1R5
63Lil 7 AM Transmitter72Simple tube-based transmitter. (Made for broadcast band; conversion to 80/40 to come)X15.0117L7
64Carter Modulation AM TransmitterAuthor doesn't know if this works. I expect I'll give it a try soon. What is "Carter Modulation" anyways?X18.012AT7, Sweep
65Simple FM TransmitterSchematic onlyX22.0EC92,EL95
66Broadcast Band TransmitterPulls a lot of punches to stay within Part 15X27.06AK5, 6BE6
6750C5 PW TransmitterAM transmitter. Schematic only.x31.050C5 (4)
68A Simple 2 Watt Tube Carrier Current AM Broadcast TransmitterCould probably be put on 80 meters will simple modificationsX33.012AT7,6AQ5(2)
69N1NKM's Homebrew AM TXHas a companion receiver.X34.06CA7(2),6146
70Transmissor Assadeira 2In Spanish.X35.0P31
71AM TransmitterAM Homebrew Cathode Modulated Transmitter by Bob StoutX35.012AU7,6LF6(2),6AG7,807
72Transmissor Assadeira 1In Spanish; schematics and pictures onlyX38.06GW6
73Homebrew 813 AM TransmitterSee the extra pages. Not sure if I got it all in.X39.06SL7,6H6,6J5,6SN7,813(2)
74A Tube-type Class-A DC-Coupled Plate Modulator"For Low Power AM Transmitters". I guess I would put this is the class of "design overkill", but the Hi-Fi guys will go to great lengths for perfection.X40.06L6,6SH7,6SL7,6AG7,807(2)
75Five Watt Series Modulated RigThey say: "Only 3 or 4 crystals could cover the entire AM Window on 75 Meters"x42.06KE8,6AQ5