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I've tried to list links where there is (1) a picture, and (2) a schematic. Some of the pages are in other languages, particularly German. Where I don't want to slog through in a half-understood language, I use Google's translation page. Try it; it opens new worlds. (Version 1.0.3, September 8, 2007)
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Ham Transmitter - CW

#ProjectCommentsSub-type# partsTubes used
1813 crystal oscillator transmitterRegenerative receiver with 12AX7 and 6AQ5[-]20.0813
2Tiny Spark Gap Transmitter[From German]. 1/3 way down page, section beginning "Funksender". Simple sparker. Maybe you could get away with this as an experiment. I can accomplish the same thing by turning the rheostat in my dining room on and off.< 1 Watt2.0[-]
31 TUBE ALL BAND TRANSMITTER ( QRP )Five parts? I wonder what this sounds like. 500 mW.< 1 Watt5.06AQ5
4CW Transmitter w/Homemade SemiconductorNot a tube rig, but even more primitive, so it's included here. See bottom of page.< 1 Watt7.0[-]
5QRP Transmitters with Ceramic ResonatorsI threw this in because I was wondering what it would take to do a tube rig based on one of these.< 1 Watt11.0[-]
61 mW TransmitterI'm not sure if that's the real power figure. Looks more like 100 MW would be possible with 12V on the plate. Thoughts?< 1 Watt16.0DL96
710 GHz FM ATV TransmitterOK, it is not a tube rig, but my idea is to do a tube-based version (except for the Gunn diode)< 1 watt50.0[-]
8Twin Tube 80From Mike Branca and the NoGA QRP Club< 2 Watts12.0[-]
9QRP Transmitter 1933You can probably figure out the schematic from the picture. Notice the connections are strips of, I guess, brass. Note the bulb with wire. I'm guessing at the tube.1 - 5 Watts9.030
10One Tube Push Pull TransmitterFrom the Radio Handbook (which is quite worth buying)1 - 5 Watts10.053
1140m QRP "PP2-J Ver 2"Nice, fresh approach to tube breadboarding; Note the 19V on the plate.1 - 5 Watts10.06RR8(2)
12Hartley 1929 Type TransmitterA 1929 article on "overhauling the transmitter for 1929". Lots of technical analysis, etc.1 - 5 Watts11.0UX-210
13K1BSX version of Hartley 1929 Type TransmitterFrom the 1929 article in QST on Hartley oscillators. See http://www.brucehowes.com/old_tech.htm for commentary1 - 5 Watts11.0UX-210
14Basic Tetrode or Pentode TransmitterIn Portugese, from Brazilian manual apparently. (See page 2)1 - 5 Watts12.0807
15Basic Triode TransmitterIn Portugese, from Brazilian manual apparently. (See page 1)1 - 5 Watts12.0203A
16Tube rigs from AE4GXNo schematics, but you can figure them out1 - 5 Watts12.0[-]
17QRP 30m/40m Transmitter using 12BH7A Push PullInteresting modern breadboard layout1 - 5 Watts12.012BH7A
18Frank Jones Regenerative OscillatorVery nice construction from KB7NRN.1 - 5 Watts13.047
19CW zender voor 40mIn Dutch1 - 5 Watts14.06146B
2040 Meter Valve TransmitterNo schematic1 - 5 Watts14.0[-]
2112AU7 TransmitterSchematic Only1 - 5 Watts14.012AU7
225EA8 (5U8) Single 30m/40m CW Transmitter50 Mw output with 50 volts on the plate. Nice output table displayed.1 - 5 Watts18.05EA8
23Single Tube 40m Transmitter Using 17JZ8Scroll down about 1/3 way down. Looks like a Tuna Tube, but with a Compactron.1 - 5 Watts18.017JZ8
24The Simple 40m CW Transmitter by JO3EXVOne of those hand-drawn schematics; partly in Japanese but readable1 - 5 Watts19.06BM8
25The Novice Special: An Old Classic RevisitedFrom WD4NKA1 - 5 Watts22.06C4, 5763
26Transmisor QRP con válvula 6K8From a Spanish QRP on-line journal1 - 5 Watts22.06K8
27THE LG QRP TRANSMITTER PROJECTSee towards the bottom of the page for the schematic1 - 5 Watts22.0EF80, 5763
28Jones All-Band Exciter (1935 Model)From the Radio Handbook (which is quite worth buying)1 - 5 Watts23.053, 2A3
296BM8 Single Valve TX for 80M and 40MGo to page 51 - 5 Watts28.06BM8, ECL82
3053-2A3-210 Multi-Band TransmitterFrom the Radio Handbook (which is quite worth buying)1 - 5 Watts36.053, 2A3, 210
31Jones 1936 Push-Pull TransmitterThis looks like a perfect approach for first-time builders.1- 5 Watts9.06J6
32Basic Spark TransmitterTitle refers to "the Queen of Induction Coils". (Is there a king?)1 watt6.0[-]
33Attempt 78: CW Transmitter[From German]. Third project halfway down page. Author modifies a Radiomann to be an CW Transmitter. ECC82 is a 12AU71 Watt8.0ECC82
346AG7 Transmitter"Some of feedback capacitance is supplied by tube itself, thus why it appears to be missing something." Check out photo at http://pages.cthome.net/okmunwurx/PICF0023.JPG1 Watt10.06AG7
35Test transmitter[From French] In the middle of the page1 Watt10.0201A (?)
36Small Transmitter[In Dutch] Schematic Only.1 watt12.0EL84
37Gootwairn VFOMain page: http://pages.cthome.net/okmunwurx/ for photos, text1 Watt13.06AC7
38AM TransmitterSee the last project on the page. The tube is a guess of mine.1 Watt14.01S5
39The 40M "Butt-Buster" QRP TransmitterNo schematic. But very nice history of how it the rig came to be with the help of many others.1 Watt15.06L6
40QRP Transmitter for the 48 Meter Band[In Dutch] Schematic Only.1 watt22.0ECL82, EL91
41French VFO[from French]. This looks like a different approach1 Watt30.02216 (3), E406N
4225 Watt TransmitterChapter from the Radio Handbook of, apparently, the 1930's; "Exciters and Low Powered Transmitters"10 - 50 Watts37.06SJ7, 6SK7, 807
43Spark Gap TransmitterOf course, using this would be ILLEGAL.10 Watts5.0[-]
44Transmitter by 8BN, 1920's[from French]. Not sure if I understand this page.10 Watts14.010
45100 Watt TransmitterSchematic only.100 Watts31.06AG7, 807 (2)
46150 Watt CW 20-Meter TransmitterFrom the Radio Handbook (which is quite worth buying)100+ Watts33.06A6, 801, 50T
4740 Meter QRP TransmitterFrom WA2NTK. Simple design.1-5 Watts11.06AQ5
48A ONE TUBE 50C5 2 WATT TRANSMITTERUse an isolation transformer, please! This circuit is a dangerous way to save money on parts.1-5 Watts16.050C5
49Bills Glowbug Project #2, 6AB6, 12GT5'Didn't work too good. OK anyways.". Change " Change "gbtx01.htm", to "gbtx01.jpg" to "txosc1.jpg", and "gb12gbt.jpg"1-5 watts18.06AG7,12GT5
50Bills Glowbug Project #1Somewhat rough. Change the ".jpg" designator.1-5 watts26.06AG7,12GT5
51Tube Transmitter with 5763 PAUses "grid block keying"1-5 Watts34.06AW8A,5763
52Transmissor com 6DQ6 - PY1DAS[In Portugese] Schematic only2 Watts28.06V6, 6DQ6
53Transmissor 2W com válvula 6AQ5[In Spanish] Scroll down about 1/3 the way through the page2 Watts29.06AQ5
5430W medium-wave transmitter[From German]. Used in their Tesla experiments30 Watts30.0PL504
551958 Novice TransmitterFor 80, 40 and 15. (Homework assignment: add 20 meters). Over half the parts are the power supply.30 Watts34.05U4, 0D3, 6BQ5
56Easy Driver Xtal TransmitterSee links to photos, circuit explanation at http://pages.cthome.net/okmunwurx/30 Watts40.06AG7, 6DQ6
57FPA8 4-Watt TransmitterUse in a 1950s DX-pedition4 Watts39.03A5, 3D6, 3A5
586AQ5 CW TransmitterHmmm; six parts. I wonder what it sounds like. I like the neon bulb tuning system.5 - 10 Watts6.06AQ5A
59SM7UCZ 80 Meter TransmitterSchematic is half-way down page.5 - 10 Watts14.06L6
6080 Meter Tube TransmitterFrom Jan SM5GNN5 - 10 Watts17.0ECL82
61Transmitter made from lamps[from French]. Two different approaches on this page5 Watts12.010Y
62One-Valve CW TransmitterFrom 1973 ARRL Handbook5 Watts22.06GV8
635W VHF Oscillator[From German]. For physics experiments, not specifically communication.5 Watts25.0EL84 (2)
64Crystal Transmitter[In Dutch] Schematic Only.5 Watts30.0EL91, ECC83, 807 (2)
65Three Tube TransmitterFrom Frank Harris, Chapter 14. Very detailed and extensive. A good starting point.5 Watts36.041(2),6L6
6690 Watt CW RigFrom the Radio Handbook (which is quite worth buying)50 - 100 Watts36.053, 2A3, 210 (2)
67DX-20 CloneExtensive construction discussion and pictures.50 Watts43.012BY7A,6DQ6B
68A Single-Tube 75-Watt Novice TransmitterFrom 1957 ARRL Handbook (page 173)75 Watts24.06146
69Oven Magnetron as a 13cm TX ?They got 800W out at 2460 MHz. "Basically, a magnetorn is a 4 Kv Zener Diode, so you need a constant current source".800 Watts30.0Magnetron
70Single 10 Shunt Fed Hartley Oscillator for 80 meter CWFrom 1932 QST articleHartley18.010
711950's-style 100w CW transmitterFirst project on the page. All those watts on that one board?HF - 100+ Watts34.06AG7, 807 (2)
72A TNT Transmitter"Tuned-plate-not-tuned-grid" transmitter; from 1930 ARRL Handbook. Pair of 45's in push-pull.HF, 10+ Watts8.045 (2)
731929 Hartley Oscillator TransmitterDesigner advises that frequency "warbles" if antenna swings in a breeze.HF, 10+ Watts13.0211
74Bare-essentials transmitterUses a 50C5 so no transformer. This is dangerous - at least put in an isolation transformer.HF, 10+ Watts13.050C5
75Two Tube transmitterFrom 1940 Stnacor HamanualHF, 10+ Watts15.06J5, 6L6
766AG7-6L6 MOPA transmitterMOPA = Master Oscillator Power AmplifierHF, 10+ Watts20.06AG7-6L6
77The Mighty Midget - A 10-Watter for 80 and 40From 1966 QSTHF, 10+ Watts25.06GW8
7840 Meter MOPA TransmitterWith VFO or CrystalHF, 10+ Watts25.06AG6, 6L6GC
79AI2Q's 6L6 Transmitter9th on the Schematics and Projects ListHF, 10+ Watts26.06L6
80Frank Jones 6J6 QRP transmitterCute! One tube, and very small.HF, 1-5 Watts15.0[-]
81Hartley 1929 Transmitter2 watts on 16, 80, or 40 with a 45 or 10 tubeHF, 5-10 Watts8.045
821 - Röhren - 5 Watt - Telegraphie - SenderBased on 1-tube German WWII spy radio. Cool looking.HF, 5-10 Watts8.0EBL21
83Hartley Single Tube TransmitterUses one 6SN7. Simple it is. Author says ANY triode should be workable.HF, 5-10 Watts9.06SN7
84Simple One-Tube Tri-Tet TransmitterFrom Byron Goodman's 1936 QST articleHF, 5-10 Watts9.06L6
85One-tune 6L6 Classic TransmitterFrom 1939 Stancor 25-B designHF, 5-10 Watts15.06L6
86Classic CW TransmitterTop of Page. With info for 80/40/30 bands.HF, 5-10 Watts17.06AG6
87Cigar Box 6 Watt TransmitterUses 6c5 for oscillator, 6V6 for ampHF, 5-10 Watts18.06C5, 6V6
88Phoenix 20-meter Transmitter (G3YUH)Has plans to modify it to handle 40 meters as well.HF, 5-10 Watts19.0EF80, 5763
89One-valve 80m transmitterHe has an extension which adds another tubeHF, 5-10 Watts20.0ECL82
90AMECO AC-1 two-tube CwtransmitterNice looking, basic rig.HF, 5-10 Watts20.06X5, 6V6
9180/40 meter CW transmitter with 6BM8/ECL82European-oriented parts. Interesting commentary, including an implication that you can easily add a mic for AMHF, 5-10 Watts25.0ECL82 (6BM8)
9240/80m CW TransmitterMore complex, but nice-lookingHF, 5-10 Watts50.0ECL82
9320 Mhz, 10 Watt R.F. GeneratorApparently schematic only.HF: 10+ Watts14.0829B
94A 35 Watt, 2 Band Transmitter PhilosopherFile is in different formatsHF: 10+ Watts28.060C5,6AQ6,6AK5
9565 Watts at Low CostFile is PDF.HF: 10+ Watts35.06K6,6BG6(2)
96Power Hartley transmitter using a 1 kW GM100 triodeSchematic is in the middle of the page under the third project.HF: 100+ Watts14.0GM100
97Homebrew 813 AM Transmitter500 watts inputHF: 100+ Watts49.06SL7, 6H6, 6J5, 6SN7, 813 (2)
98Series Modulated 807 (40W transmitter), No Modulation Transformer NeededNo commentary other than what's in the schematicHF: 10-50 Watts45.012AU7,6LF6,6AG7,807
99Simple Breadboard 40M TransmitterNo schematic, but you can probably tell what to do by looking at the wires.HF: 1-5 Watts9.0[-]
100An Early 1920's One Tube TransmitterBased on 1920 design, with later tubeHF: 1-5 Watts13.06CK4
101KB7NRN's Battery Powered Tube TransmitterSee the receiver he did alsoHF: 1-5 Watts17.03Q5 (2)
102Single Tube 40m Transmitter Using 17JZ8About the fifth project down (on a round chassis). 2KHz VXO Builtin,Out Power:2W@Vp=150V,1W@100V,0.5W@80VHF: 1-5 Watts20.017JZ8
103The Simple 40m CW Transmitter by JO3EXV1W out with 120V on the plateHF: 1-5 Watts20.06BM8
1046AN5 Push Pull 40m QRPp Transmitter (JA9MAT)I think the schematic is the same as the project above it.HF: 1-5 Watts20.06AN5 (2)
1056CB6 Push Pull Transmitter 40m CW"So I decided to change the tubes to 6AR5, 6BA6, 6BD6, 6AU6 and 6CB6. Fortunately they have the same pin connections. It is like a Plug In Tube transmitter!! hi. " He gets 1W out with 80V on the plateHF: 1-5 Watts26.06CB6 (2)
1066L6 RigNo schematic. Nice finish, thoughHF: 5-10 Watts9.06L6, MagicEye
107Construccion de Un Transmisor "Push-Pull" con Bulbos 245From a 1932 Mexican publicationHF: 5-10 Watts13.0245 (2)
108One-valve QRP CW Transmitter by Raimo Jarvi OH8MNM, FinlandPuts out 6W on 40 MetersHF: 5-10 Watts27.0PCL86 (2)
1096DQ6B TransmitterNo photo or discussion; schematic onlyHF: 5-10 Watts32.06DQ6B
1101929 Vintage Hartley TransmitterFrom an ARRL HandbookMOPA10.045
1112-Tube MOPA TransmitterBreadboard layout.MOPA16.0210(2)
1121929 MOPA ( Master Oscillator Power Amplifier ) 80 meter transmitterThe oscillator and power amplifier are presented separately so they can be broken apart.MOPA26.027 (2), 865
11340 meter MOPA transmitter using a '10 triode TNT oscillator driving an 860 PAFrom March 1931 QSTMOPA28.010, 860
11480 m MOPA CW transmitter using three 2A5 pentodesLooks simple enough.MOPA29.02A5 (3)
115Broadcast a signal on a magnetic fieldOK, I have to try this. He says one turn of wire around the house fed by a transistor radio will create a magnetic signal that fills the house.Non-Traditional1.0[-]
116Relaxation Oscillator with Home-made TriodeThe title pretty much says it all. This is ultimate homebrew. Can it work on the air?Non-Traditional6.0[-]
117Magnetic AM BroadcasterTransmits by magnetic field.Non-Traditional6.0[-]
118Simple Spark Transmitters.Middle of Page. This page also has a Spark Coil Transmitter and a Barbecue Lighter Transmitter.Spark Gap4.0[-]
119Spark Gap TransmitterI've never worked the Sudan . . .Spark Gap4.0[-]
120Spark Transmitter.Nice workmanship. No Schematic.Spark Gap4.0[-]
121Spark Coil Transmitter and Branley CohererNo schematic, but these are all based on the same idea. I like this construction approach.Spark Gap6.0[-]
122"Singing Arc" Carbon Arc TransmitterMore depth on the subject. Several versions are discussed.Spark Gap6.0[-]
123Carbon Arc RF OscillatorPre-tube. Too bad it's illegal to put one of these on the air. Isn't there some way to filter out the noise, harmonics, etc.? Also, where can we get more information on neon versions?Spark Gap6.0[-]
124A Working Poulsen Arc OscillatorA classic.Spark Gap7.0[-]
125Spark-Gap TransmitterIf you want to get rid of your license real fast . . .Spark Gap8.0833 (2)
126Carbon Arc TransmitterHe implies that this could be used for voice. How?Spark Gap8.0[-]
127Spark Gap TransmittersNo schematics, although the radios are simple enough that you can supply your own. The detailing in the photos is excellent.Spark Gap10.0[-]
128Replica Spark Gap Transmitter, circa 1919Seems to be in the 200 meter band.Spark Gap10.0[-]
1294 Watts on 24 GHzConsider this a "specialty" experiment. If you can find the tube and have the receiver, should be fun. He tested the output by holding his finger in front of the waveguide.X4.0848 HD
130Tube Greetings From MoscowAn oscillator with low volts on the plate (12V, here)X5.01SH24
131"Toob" TransmitterThat schematic isn't really helpful.X6.06CK6
132Medium wave transmitterIn German, but you can figure it all out.X7.06V6
133Single Valve Transmitter by Harry Lythall - SM0VPOAbout as simple as you can getx7.0DF91
134PUSH-PULL 6SN7 transmitterFrom Frank Jones Circuit.X8.06SN7
135K9KEU's version of the 6SN7 push pull rigSee the K8LKC rig.X8.06SN7
13680 Meter TransmitterExtremely simple design. 45V on the plate. Note the film canister tank coil. Total cost should be under $20. I wonder what it sounds like?x8.03A5
1371929 Hartley TransmitterWith comments on what to do about a "rotten signal"X9.0203A
138A TUBE 40 METER CW QRP TRANSMITTERReally cute. I'd like to try this.X9.06AQ5
139Medium wave transmitterIn German, but you can figure it all out.X9.0EL84
140Hartley single-tube transmitterFrom a 1929 QST articleX9.0[-]
141Slat Board Transmitter from K8ZTShould be simple enough to find a schematic for this. Quick construction method.X10.027
142TNT (tuned not tuned) transmitter 1930's styleFrom Frank Jones Circuit.X10.06SN7
143N0GA Twin Tube 80A quick juck box special with some different ideas. For 80 and 40X10.06AR5 (2)
144Simple TransmitterSimple, all right. File is PDF.X10.06V6
145One-sixty meter (1.8 MHz) Hartley transmittersLooks simple enough. And like it might work.X11.0812A
146"1929 Transmitter"The article is from 1928. A whole lot of analysis here for a very simple rig.X11.0UX-210
147QRP TransmitterLooks like a one-evening project to me. Watch the hot power supply though.X11.06AR5 (2)
148Jones TransmitterVery simple arrangementX12.03A5
149Single valve eighty meter (3.5 MHz) transmitterFrom RSGB magazine. So where do we get a schematic?X12.0807
1501929 Hartley TransmitterTry this schematic: "http://www.maxim-ic.com/appnotes.cfm/appnote_number/1768" Or this: "http://www.antiquewireless.org/otb/rotten.htm"X12.0203A
1511929 Hartley TransmitterPopular rig. I like his contest log where he used this transmitter.X12.010A
152No Frills One-Tube Amateur CW TransmitterFrom "Mother Earth News"X12.06V6
153Junkbox QRP transmitterOne tube. Simple non-commerical componentsX12.020
154Homebrew 40-Meter TransmitterNo schematic, but you can figure it out from the board.X12.0[-]
155Bare-Essentials Transmitter with 50C5Fourth project on page. From Electronics Illustrated, March 1968. I like the discussion on safety in this one.X12.050C5
156Single-Valve TransmitterArticle from "Practical Wireless", 1957. Says can be used for AM with a simple modification. Maybe worth a try.X13.0ECL80
1576L6 ScroungerBy Steve Smith, WB6TNLX13.06L6
158Homebrew Ham Transmitter, 1928CW Transmitter from 1928. (Polish site).X13.0UX-210
159Low Frequency OscillatorI guess any tube will do. Will it?X13.06J6
160One Tube 40 Meter CW TransmitterNice finishX14.06DQ6
161Ameco AC-1 NOVICE RIGA replica of a 1950s cw transmitter kit. Are any tube kits like this still sold?X14.06V6
162The AA8V/W8EXI 6CL6 One-Tube TransmitterExcellent circuit analysis and discussionx15.06CL6
1636T9 TransmitterUses a Compactron tube. No schematic, but should be readily available from ARRL Handbook.X15.06T9
164Alltoobs CW TransmitterIn an Altoids can. Naturally.X15.012BY7, 6AG7
1656L6 crystal-controlled transmitter for 80 - 30 m CWFrom N6EV schematic.X15.06L6
1662-Tube Transmitter for 80 metersNo schematic, but I believe you can figure it all out from the close-up photos of the partsx15.06146
167Cigar Box TransmitterFrom 1955 Practical WirelessX15.01S4 (2)
168Master Oscillator-Power Amplifier TransmitterFrom 1926 NRI TextbookX15.045, 47
169One-Tube Transmitter for 80 and 40 (using 6AQ5)6AQ5 GlowbugX15.06AQ5
170Frank Jones 10 watt beginners transmitterFrom 1935 or so.X15.0[-]
171WB2MIC 6L6 Transmitter projectOriginal article September 1968 Electronics Illustrated James White W5LETX15.06L6
172AA8V/W8EXI 6CL6 One-Tube TransmitterVERY complete layout and construction commentaryX16.06CL6, 0B2 (2)
1736L6 TransmitterAnother cakepan rig. Explain to me again how the 0D2 works?X16.06L6, 0D2
174Push-pull, crystal-controlled, two-tube, 5 meter transmitterApparently schematic only.X16.0807 (2)
1756L6 TransmitterClassic "Breadboard"x16.076 (2)
176Novice TransmittterAnother test: can you build the circuit from the close-up photos without a schematicX16.06AG7, 6L6
177A Push-Pull Hartley VFO transmitterApparently schematic only.X16.0803
178Push-Pull Hartley TransmitterApparently schematic only.X16.030 (2)
1791921 Transmitter.Towards bottom of page.X16.030(2)
180813 Crystal OscillatorApparently schematic only.X16.0813
181A One-Tube Two-Band Transmitter for the NoviceFrom 1957 ARRL Handbook (page 170)X17.06AG7
182Bruce Howes 1934 TransmitterQuite cool lookingx17.046, 47 (2)
183MOPA TransmitterSecond project on page. Looks like mid-1920sX18.010 (2)
184Cigar Box TransmitterFrom March 1955 "Practical Wireless"x18.01S4 (2)
185160 meters push-pull transmitterUses 304TL TriodesX18.0304TL (2)
186Micamold XTR-1 Transmitter"A three tube 25 watt transmitter that covers the amateur frequencies of 20 meters, 40 meters, and 80 meters."X19.06AG7,6L6
187One-tube transmitter (80 meters)From "Operation Home Brew"X19.0Uses a single 807 (!)
1886AQ5A QRP 80M/40M TransmitterBy Scott Brigham, AA0HUX19.06AQ5A
1892-Valve CW TransmitterKind of cute little rig.X20.06AK5, EL95
19040m 6L6 CW TransmitterFrom K5DH.X20.06C5,6L6
191An EL84 single tube CW/AM TransmitterI like whatever schematic program he used.X20.0EL84
1921929 Hartley Transmitter FinalI think this is the final for the 1929 Hartley.X20.045(2)
193A Simple Grid ModulatorNot sure what book or magazine this is from.X20.06SL7, 6Y6G
194MOPA TransmitterAlso nice construction.X21.0210 (2)
195One Valve CW transmitterVery much built from scrounged partsX21.06GV8
1961934 TransmitterFor 20 and 40 meters.X22.047, 203A
197Tuned-Plate Tuned Grid TransmitterTakes 1200 volts on the plateX22.0211 (2)
198LA6NCA Two-Tube TransmitterFrom a 1955 design in the ARRL Handbook.X22.06AG7,6L6
199"Morningstar" medium wave transmitterSchematic onlyX23.0EF80,EL34
200"One Tube Amplifier"80 and 40 meters for beginnersX24.06T9
2012 Valve 40-Meter CW TransmitterSchematic a little hard to read.X25.06AU6,6GV8
202Three Tube Transmitter"One of QST's Most Popular Designs"X25.0203A, 10, 47
20310-Watt TransmitterIn Dutchx25.06BM8
204One-Tube QRP Transmitter for 40 or 80 MetersReally different: combines IC, Transistor and Tube. Includes 12V to 150V voltage multiplierX26.03A4
205The EL TransmitterEL84's are 6BQ5'sx26.0EL84(2),EL90
206Vackar VFOSimpler than the parts count would suggestX28.0ECL80
207G4VAM Valve JobSimpler than the parts count would suggestX28.0ECL80
208MODEL 701 "ATOM-X" TRANSMITTERLionk to schematic is half-way downX29.06AQ5(3), 807
20910 Meter AM QRPLooks pretty simply for AMX30.06AU8, 6C4, 6AQ5
210Three Band Oscillator Transmitter for Novice (6DQ6A)From 1961 ARRL Handbook (page 172)X30.06DQ6A
2112-tube 5-meter transmitterUses two 807 tubesX30.0807 (2)
212Inexpensive 75-watter5 band HF. Takes 1000 volts on plateX30.012BY7,1625
213All-Band Inexpensive 40-Watt Transmitter (6AG7 / 1625)From 1961 ARRL Handbook (page 175)X30.06AG7, 1625
214AF4K's 6CL6-2E26 TransmitterDoesn't seem too demanding, despite the parts countx31.06CL6,2E26
2156BM8 Xmtr by Lee Richey, WA3FIYFrom N6EV's Glowbugs site.X35.06BM8
2166LR8 CW TXNice looking 10-80 meter rigX35.06LR8
217Ham AM TransmitterFascinating. We get to watch the birth of new Texas Kilowatt! And I thought the stork brought them.X35.04-125 (4)
218A 75-Watt 6DQ5 Transmitter (6AG7 / 6DQ5)From 1961 ARRL Handbook (page 179)X35.06AG7, 6DQ5
219Ham AM TransmitterCall this "Forensic Homebrewing". You take a piece of gear and try to make it work.X36.0ECC83 (2), 807 (2)
22075 Watts on Four BandsFrom 1957 ARRL Handbook (page 176)X36.06AG7, 6L6GB(2)
221K5DH's 807 CW TransmitterFrom K5DH.X36.06AG7,807
222The "Raider" TransmitterFourth project down on the page.X37.05763 (2), 6146
223A 90-Watt All-Purpose Amplifier (6146)From 1961 ARRL Handbook (page 183)X40.06146
224A 7-Band 90-Watt TransmitterFrom 1957 ARRL Handbook (page 179)X45.06AK6, 6C4(3), 6146
22580M VFO rig with 807 finalI love this "get to it" approach.X48.06C4, 6AC7, 6V6 (2)
226A Screen Modulated Transmitter by NE1SSchematic only.x48.012AX7,6SN7,6080,6AG7,6DQ6
227Push-Pull Crystal Oscillator by W5TVWApparently schematic only.X50.050JY6