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I've tried to list links where there is (1) a picture, and (2) a schematic. Some of the pages are in other languages, particularly German. Where I don't want to slog through in a half-understood language, I use Google's translation page. Try it; it opens new worlds. (Version 1.0.3, September 8, 2007)
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SW Receiver

#ProjectCommentsSub-type# partsTubes used
10-V-2 Receiver[From Japanese] A detector and an AF amplifier0-V-219.06SJ7, 6AK6
20 V 2 - Kurzwellenempfänger[In German] Scroll down about 2/3 of the way down the page.0-V-233.0EF80, ECL85
3One tube radioUses a subminiature tube requiring only 1.25V for filament, 18V on plate1210.06148
4Small Battery Receiver[From German]. Very interesting D-Connector Coil selection arrangement. Work studying.1-V-120.05854 (2)
5Receiver with Subminiature Tubes[From German]. Cute coils!1-V-242.0EF732, 5840, EC71, EL71
6The Doerle 3-Tube Signal GripperStarts on p. 9. Straightforward RF-Det-AF three stage machine3-Stage17.032, 30 (2)
712BH7A Autodyne ReceiverIn PortugeseAutodyne22.012BH7A
8Shortwave crystal receiver with minimal parts[In German] Looks cute, and if it works that would be nice too.Crystal8.0[-]
9Radiomann-Nachbau von Steve GöringSecond to last project on the page. More fun with sub-miniature tubes.Detector6.06N28B
10Plate and Grid Detectors (with Alternatives)[From German]. Discusses the theory of different types of detectors: crystal, audio, diode. With Schematics for each. Pick a tube yourself.Detector7.0[-]
11EC92 Audion[From German]Direct Conversion10.0EC92
122-in-1 Detector Radio[In German] If I understand this correctly, the tubes are detectors onlyDirect Conversion12.0EAA91 (2)
13ECC 86 Audion im Ledergehäuse[In German]. I like the leather.Direct Conversion13.0ECC86
14The Black RezeptorGerman kit for SW receiver. Schematic shown on page.Direct conversion16.0EF98
15Weather Fax with Tube Receiver[from German] Interesting approach to weather fax (basically, download to computer for tone processing). Building approach makes tubes look like torpedoesDirect Conversion16.0EF95(2)
16Kratkovalovni Audio (z EF183 0-V-0)[from Czech?] Interesting white board chassisDirect Conversion16.0EF183
17Simple shortwave receiver with EF98[From German]. Uses a prototyping system that is very simple to manage.Direct Conversion17.0EF98
18The International Shortwave TwoA 2 Valve Beginners Receiver from Practical Wireless 1962Direct Conversion19.01T4(2)
192 Valve Shortwave ReceiverFrom Practical Electronics MagazineDirect Conversion20.01T4(2)
203-Vacuum Tube Straight RadioStraight in the sense of stage after stage, I believe.Direct Conversion21.06AR5, 6X4, 6BD6
21Hybrid Receiver[In Dutch] Schematic Only. One tube, One Transistor, One IC. Someone was going to do eventually.Direct conversion22.06AK5
22Pendel-Audion from Heinz Richter[From German]. Shortwave receiver. You'll have to calculate component values for yourself; a good exercise.Direct Conversion24.0UAF42 (2)
234-Vacuum Tube Straight RadioIs there a marked improvement over three tubes?Direct Conversion24.06BD6, 6BA6, 6AQ5
24DRM ("Digital Radio Transmission") Format RadioTubes employed in a brand new technology! Thanks, Dave!DRM9.06BE6
25IQ Regenerative - Autodyne Receiver for DRM 4-7 MHzNo text; Interesting for DRM fans, I guess. See http://www.smail.lt/~ncss/regen_info/MySO_Regen_Autodyne_p1.jpgDRM31.0EF86 (2)
26Radiomann German radioWas a kit. Look at bottom of page. Interesting transistor rigs above it.Grid Leak14.012AU7
27PentaflexTranslated from the Japanese; From 1934 Shortwave Manual; Modern commentaryPentaflex14.06A7
28Four Tube Progressive Receiver550 to 18 MetersProgressive24.06C5,6J5,6G6,
29REGENERATIVE TRF RECEIVERHas sound files of results on the web page; a nice touchRefegerative19.0SEMI: 1 MOSFET
30Pentaflex shortwave receiverDave Schmarder. Highly recommended site.Reflex16.06A8
31The Spontaflex ReflexMain page has a lot of transistor-based designs, if you are so inclinedReflex16.03A8GT
32Regen-O-Flex RecevierPretty elaborate for a Schmarder. He's great.Reflex24.012AT7, 6AK6
33Reflex Receiver[from German]. Strang tubes?Reflex24.0RENS1284,RES964
3416A8 reflex high one radio[From Japanese] Reflex SW receiver. 16A8 is a hi-mu triode / power pentode combination. Basically a 6BM8 with a different heater.Reflex26.016A8
351-tube shortwave set1938. Who did these drawings? I love them. And the dog looks impressed, also.Regenerative7.049
36Midnight Science 1 tube regenerative receiverYou can figure out the circuit from the photographsRegenerative7.01T4
371-tube set works on 6 flashlight batteries[from Poplar Mechanics] Note the first picture: father is tuning out his daughterRegenerative7.049
38Regenerative SW ReceiverFrom Radio Craft Magazine, 1935Regenerative7.030
39.Hikers RadioQuite an elaborate page with many variantsRegenerative7.049
40How Ugly Can The Set Be And Still WorkFrom a forum on homebrew; pictures and comments from the peanut gallery. This gives great insight on how homebrewers think.Regenerative7.06P5G
41Radiomann as DRM Receiver[From German]. Radiomann feeds a PC with DRM software.Regenerative8.0ECC82
42A Simple Receiver3S4 Regenerative receiver; PDF article from "How to Become a Radio Amateur"Regenerative8.03S4
43"5-Way" ReceiverDirt simple regen with 1S4; the 5 ways are crystal only, grid leak, etc.Regenerative8.01S5
44Shortwave regenerative receiver using a variometerMain page is: http://home.earthlink.net/~eahoo/radio.htmlRegenerative9.071a
451920's radioNo schematic, but you can probably figure it out from the text.Regenerative9.0VR21
46Hikers Two by KB7NRN18V on the plate of the first stage, 15V on the second.Regenerative9.03Q5(2)
471934 Doerle TwinPlex Receiver with Krinkle FinishSee second row of pictures. Sort of built sideways. InterestingRegenerative9.019
48Alfred P. Morgan 1- 6C5Tube Regenerative Receiver(10th row of pictures down the page). I'm jealous of the all-new-parts approach; also, he used a 6BF6, which is a cool-looking tube.Regenerative9.06BF6
49Jones 1-Tube Regenerative ReceiverMain page at: http://www.mines.uidaho.edu/~glowbugs/regens.htmRegenerative10.01G6
50Triode-based regenerative[from French]. Nice idea for tube plates for breadboardingRegenerative10.040
51Comet All-Band ReceiverFrom a 1963 kit. Could be expanded by adding a second 1T4 for an audio stage.Regenerative10.01T4
52A 12-Volt Homebrew RegenSome tips for simple regensRegenerative10.012AT6
53The "Mono-Coil 2" Regenerative ReceiverSchematic missing but figure-outable. Interesting coil design with swith.Regenerative10.057, 2A5
54Regenerative SW ReceiverThe schematic is available many places (this is one of the first receivers I built, using the version from "The Radio Handbook 1936")Regenerative10.019
55Regenerative SW ReceiverNo schematic, but shouldn't be hard to figure out.Regenerative10.001A (2)
56The Winter Short Wave ThreeInteresting tube lineup with a small parts count.Regenerative11.0A415,A409,B409
57"Short Wave One" with Acorn tube.Can use a 955 or 954. Change "page1" to "page2" in the URL to see the second page.Regenerative11.0955
581-Tube Audion Receiver[From German]. Schematic only, and it is minimalist at that.Regenerative12.030
59Doerle "19" ReceiverFrom the 1934 design. This schematic is floating around several places. Example: http://dzabcik.home.texas.net/doerle.htmlRegenerative12.019
60KW7WT's 3-tube Regenerative ReceiverOld 0-V-2 design. Can replace the 30's with 1H4's.Regenerative13.032,30 (2)
61A 30's Style 3 Tube Regen ReceiverI like his prototype style; lots of jumpers. Me too.Regenerative13.030,33
62Hear All Continents (HAC) One-Valve RegenerativeTowards the bottom of the page. No schematic, but there are plenty available for one-valvers.Regenerative14.06C4
63Valve ReceiverDesign by Hans Summers and his father.Regenerative14.0PCF80
642-Tube 12,500 Mile Doerle Short-Wave ReceiverStarts on p. 3. Very chatty discussion of how to minimize losses in the circuitRegenerative14.030 (2)
65Short wave audion, 49 meter band[From German] After a design by Dave Schmarder.Regenerative14.01T4
66Batterieempfänger mit der DCC90Part of separate aperRegenerative14.03A5
676AK5 SW ReceiverSchematic only. In French.Regenerative15.06AK5 (2)
68"Electrified" 2-Tube 12,500 Mile Doerle Short-Wave ReceiverStarts on p. 15. Adds an AC power source.Regenerative15.057, 56
69Exray's Cigar Box RadioFrom the Antique Radio ForumRegenerative15.01T4 (2)
706N1/6DJ8 SW Regen RadioOn an audio pageRegenerative16.06N1P,6DJ8
71A 1938-1948 Era One Tube Regenerative ReceiverFrom WD4NKA; I like his explanations and construction tipsRegenerative17.06SN7
72Plug-In type single tube radio 0V0This is interesting because it has switch to toggle between grid detection and plate detectionRegenerative17.06CB6
73Two-Tube SW ReceiverTranslated from the JapaneseRegenerative17.06D6,6ZP1
742 sphere regenerativeTranslated from the JapaneseRegenerative17.012AU7, 12DK7
756BA6 Regenerative Receiver[In Russian]. Simple circuit found in a Russian forum.Regenerative17.06BA6, 0A2
76New 7MHz Valve ReceiverSchematic link is close to bottom of page.Regenerative17.06AK5
77Homebrew Regenerative ReceiverHe experiments with very low voltages (eg., 12V on the plate)Regenerative17.06V6, 6SN7
78The Novice Special - 1956Receiver claiming "good sock". Says regeneration is "silky smooth"Regenerative18.06AQ5 (2)
79Regenerative ReceiverBuild similar to a design in the 1934 Official Short Wave ManualRegenerative19.01T4 (2)
804-Tube Rgenerative ReceiverBreadboard layout.Regenerative19.022(2), 30(2)
81ST tube 3 sphere radio[Translated from Japanese] Again, very clean constructionRegenerative20.077,41,84
82Regenerative Receiver (one 6SN7) (3.5-7.5 MHz)Modern scehmatic; they're easier for me to readRegenerative20.06SN7
832-Tube Regenerative, 0-V-1On a Japanese site, in English. See http://www.geocities.jp/shoranosekai/EnglishVersion.html for main link page to internals and schematic.Regenerative20.03AU6, 4M-P12
84One Tube RegenBuilt on a cakepan.Regenerative20.06CL6,6U8A
851-Tube MW Receiver[From German]. Adds a certain amount of explaining. Link to full schematic is near end of page.Regenerative21.012AU7
86EB5AGV's One Compactron ReceiverOne tube used as detector, audio voltage amplifier, and audio power amplifierRegenerative21.06AF11
87A Three-Band Oscillator Transmitter for the NoviceFrom 1958 Amateur Radio HandbookRegenerative22.06DQ6
882-Tube Receiver Using Space Charge TubesBasically a 1-V-1. Good building advice in his articles. Uses 12V Wall Wart.Regenerative22.05687, 12AL8
892-Tube Regenerative, 0-V-2On a Japanese site, in English. See http://www.geocities.jp/shoranosekai/EnglishVersion.html for main link page to internals and schematic.Regenerative23.06AU6, 6AB8
90Homebrew Regenerative Receiver"And experiments in low-voltage operation"Regenerative23.06V6
91Acorn Short Wave Three ReceiverUses three 955 acorn tubes. Four page article is accessed by changing "acorn4" to "acorn1", etc. in the URLRegenerative24.0955(3)
92A Simple Regenerative Shortwave ReceiverPretty funny looking chassis, but self-DESIGNED is always impressiveRegenerative25.06UA6A (2), 6AQ5A
93Regenerative ReceiverLot of these going aroundRegenerative25.012AH7
94The 6K7 DX ReceiverCrystal set sensibility, with one tube and top-flight parts.Regenerative25.06K7
95Coffin radio for memory of the transmitter of King Wusterhausen[from German] Very elegant craftsmanship.Regenerative26.0DAF96,DF96,DL96
96Hercules MW and SW Receiver[From German]. Winner of a Tinkering ContestRegenerative26.0PCC88, PCL801
97Acorn DX receiverUses the 954 acorn tube.Regenerative26.0954
983-Tube Regenerative, 1-V-1On a Japanese site, in English. See http://www.geocities.jp/shoranosekai/EnglishVersion.html for main link page to internals and schematic.Regenerative27.03AU6 (2), 4M-P12
99The Ultimate Regenerative ReceiverFrom a design in Electric Radio MagazineRegenerative27.06SQ7(3)
100Regnerative Short-Wave ReceiverSchematic only.Regenerative30.06SK7(2),6J5,6H6
101Double Twin Triode RegenerativeA copy after a scott Armstrong design, I think.Regenerative39.06SN7, 6SL7
102A THREE TUBE HYBRID AUTODYNEBy Gary // wd4nkaRegenerodyne23.06J7,6SN7(2)
103Regenerodyne ReceiverAren't regenerodynes really superhets?Regenerodyne27.06J7,6SN7,6C5
104The Regenodyne Using the Pullen MixerSpends a lot of time talking about the power supply, where cheap is the goal.Regenodyne30.06AU6A(2),12AT7,6AB4,12AX7
1053-Vacuum Tube super heterodyne RadioHe's got more of these (ie., more tubes) but we get the picture.Superheterodyne18.06BE6, 6BD6, 6AB8
106DRM Dvojni s4 x E180FI'm not even sure what language this is. Maybe Polish?Superheterodyne18.0E180F(2)
1072-Vacuum Tube super heterodyne RadioMinimalist superhet.Superheterodyne23.06BE6, 6AB8
1085-Tube Superheterodyne[From Japanese] Very simple circuit for 5 tubes. Although, apparently he gets it down to 5 tubes using a compactron, etc.Superheterodyne25.06BE6, 6BA6, 6AV6
109Transformerless superTranslated from the JapaneseSuperheterodyne32.06A7, 78, 6b7, 43, 25Z5
110Transformerless type standard radioTranslated from the JapaneseSuperheterodyne38.012BE6,12BA6,12AV6,30A5
111SW RecevierTranslated from the Japanese. Apparently a kit projectSuperheterodyne40.06BA6(3),6U8,6BM8
112Rayer SuperhetLooks pretty solidSuperheterodyne43.0ECH81, 6BA6, 6BW6
113Communications Receiver (Superhet)On a Japanese site, in English. See http://www.geocities.jp/shoranosekai/EnglishVersion.html for main link page to internals and schematic.Superheterodyne50.06BA6(3), 6BE6(2),6AV6,6GW8
114Superheterodino Seis Valvulas[From Spanish]. From 1944, looks complicated. Not sure what tube numbering system they are using.Superheterodyne52.0EK2,EF9,EBC3,EL3,EM1,EZ3
115Superhet from Heinz Richter[From German]. Second project on page. Shortwave receiver. You'll have to calculate component values for yourself; a good exercise.Superheterodyne52.0ECH42, EF41 (3)
116The Mate to the Mighty MidgetLooks like a solid rig. See it's inspiration: www.jvgavila.com/mmrx.htmSuperheterodyne55.06U8A(3),6WBT,6AQ6
117General Coverage All-Valve Communications Receiver550KHz-30MHz, AM/SSB/CWSuperheterodyne60.0E80L,ECC81(3),EF80,ECH81
118Récepteur nostalgie 2006In French; use Google language tool to translate. 5-Tube Superhet.Superheterodyne81.0EF184(3), ECC84, ECL80
119The Shortwave Project[from German]. A Community effort to built the ultimate tube-based SW machine. Parts count and tubes are a guess as this appears to be a work in progress.Superheterodyne100.0[-]
120Superregenerative ReceiverSchematic Only; Looks like it was taken from the RCA tube manual.Superregenerative24.06C4, 6AV6, 6AQ5
121Super-Regenerative Receiver[from German]. Quite a bit of description and testing of the characteristics of this kind of receiverSuperregenerative30.0PCF80
122Tuned Radio Frequency (TRF) ReceiverQuite a creative breadboard approach for tubes.TRF20.06BA6, 6AU6
1233-Tube TRF, 1-V-2On a Japanese site, in English. See http://www.geocities.jp/shoranosekai/EnglishVersion.html for main link page to internals and schematic.TRF32.06BD6, 16A8
124Exray's Lacault Ultradyne Superhet ProjectLots of tubes and transformers. Looks like lots of work. Was it worth it? Note the description of the insides of the transformersUltradyne26.0[-]
125Marconi One-Tube RadioFrom a radio kit of the 1950'sX8.03V4
126Röhren-RückkopplungSimple SW Radio (tube) on a modern breadboard. EF95 = 6AK5.x9.0EF95
127Three Simple Receiver Circuits for Short AerialsA Creation of Sir Douglas Hall. An original, that's for sure.x9.01D8
128SW Receiver on Batteries with 1D8-GTMagazine article, three pagesX9.01D8GT
129Canteen RadioPrison radio from WWII (replica)X10.012SK7
130Das Pentoden-Audion"One Pentode Radio"X10.012SH1
131SW ConverterTranslated from the Japanese.X10.06WC5
1321-tube shortwave receiverDave Schmarder. Highly recommended site.X11.01T4
133Kurzwellenaudion für AM und DRM"Short wave radio for AM and CW" (?)x11.0EL95
1341-Röhren-KW-Empfänger mit der Röhre 12 AT 7 (=ECC81)"Single Tube Shortwave Receiver with 12AT7 Tube"X13.012AT7
135One tube regenerativeUse any tube; Use any schematic.X13.0[-]
136Das Kurzwellen-AudionAnother simple SW Radio (tube) on a modern breadboard.x13.0EF95 (2)
137Average four radioTranslated from the JapaneseX13.056, 26B, 12A, 12F
1381D8 shortwaveDave Schmarder. Highly recommended site.X14.01D8GT
139UKW-Pendelempfänger mit der Röhre RV 2,4 P 700Short wave tuner. In German.X14.0P700
140Das 2SH27L-Tetroden-Audion"A 2SH7L Tetrode Radio"; note the coil form at the bottom (with link to vendor)x15.012SH7L (2)
141"Build-It" ReceiverArticle from Electronics Illustrated.X15.06BC6
1422-Valve SW ReceiverRather slap-dash looking, but design is interesting. 2 tubes.X15.0[-]
1433-From-1 SW Receiver (1-Valve)One tube does three thingsx15.03A8GT
1441-tube radio (12AU7)Neat constructionX16.012AU7
145Construccion de Un Receptor "Push-Pull" con dos BulbosFrom a 1932 Mexican publication; might be a QST reprintx16.024, 27
1461-tube radio (6AB8)Neat constructionX16.06AB8
1471-tube radio (6BM8)Neat constructionX16.06BM8
148"The Neophyte" 6U8 ReceiverInteresting hand-held layoutX18.06U8
14912 Volt Vacuum Tube Regenerative ReceiverNo picture, but he describes it as a weekend breadboard project, and we all know what those look like. (Is there an inconsistency in the schematic regarding tube type?)X18.06BA6 (2)
150KW-Röhrenaudion mit 12 V Anodenspannung"Shortwave tube radio with 12V on the plate"; What tubes would substitute?X19.012SH1L,1SH29B
151Battery operated SW ReceiverApparently schematic only.X20.01U4(2),3V4
152A Hybrid Local Station Tuner - The Spontaflex; The Valve is heated for freeWhat was he thinking?x20.0DL96
153Cigar Box Receiver (SM0PVO)He has a matching transmitterx21.01T4 (3)
1543 tube all-wave receiverDave Schmarder. Highly recommended site.X22.032 (2), 31
155Powerhouse 2-tube shortwave receiverChange the URL to back up a page, or go forwardx22.012AT7, 6AK6
156Radio a tre valvole a circuiti accordatiIn Italian. Nice looking; in fact, why don't we try more "foreign" styles in American homebrewing?X24.06J7, 6K7, 6V6
157Three Tube Regenerative ReceiverNice looking; wish the picture were in colorx24.01T4 (3)
158Two-Tube 0-V-2 Shortwave ReceiverTranslated from the JapaneseX25.06AU6,6BM8
159Another German shortwave receiverDRM-Doppelsuper mit EF95; Interesting look.X26.0EF89 (4)
160Ein UKW-Vorsatz-GerätGerman, short-wave receiver, 2 tubes (UAF-42)X27.0UAF-42 (2)
161"Single sphere reflex super"Translated from the JapaneseX30.06AW8A
162Communications 3 Valver: Sir Douglas HallSee also file "circuit.jpg". From www.vintageradio.me.ukx30.01A7G (3)
1630 - V - 2 short wave receiversTranslated from the JapaneseX32.06AW8, 6AV6
1642-Tube "Super 2" ReceiverTranslated from the JapaneseX32.012AU7,18GV8
165The SelectoshpereNot sure how to build the globe part, though.X32.06K7 (2), 6F6
1661960's-style HF receiverSecond project down on the page.X32.06J8, 6U8 (2), 6AD6
1673 sphere semi transformerless superTranslated from the JapaneseX33.077, 6F7, 12A7
1681-V-2 ReceiverAre there grey areas in the 1-V-2 definition?X34.06BD6, 6BA6, 6AV6, 6AQ5
1691-V-2 RevivalWhat is being revived?X38.06A88, 6267, 6BM8
170Bandspread HF: ECH81 6BA6 6AT6 6BW6: F.G.RayerSee also file "circuit.jpg". From www.vintageradio.me.ukx46.0ECH81,6BA6,6AT6,6BW6